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The Four Agreements x Don Miguel Ruiz

Another amazing read! You guys have no idea (actually, by now you might) how much I love books that place some significant journey at their nuclei. This book self-proclaims itself “A Toltec Wisdom Book”, and wisdom it offers indeed! In this book, I love the role of agreements. Further, I love how the pages speak volumes to our lives day-by-day. Don Miguel Ruiz has authored an easy read whose diction is very simplistic, though its composition could easily change the world, if reached and understood. Each of the four agreements seems equally simplistic; the principles, when written, don’t require much but effort to understand and uphold them. If you want to be free, and to actually understand what it means to choose and access that freedom; if you want to live the life you want to live, and love it, I recommend this book without question! Happy Reading! 🙂

The Alchemist x Paulo Coehlo

Everything they’ve said is true!!!!! This book is purely amazing, start to finish! It is a tale of a boy who journeys through life trying to achieve his own “personal legend.” It is a story of perseverance and determination, with the aspect of love that can never be omitted in life’s greatest quests. Paolo Coehlo, in The Alchemist, literally does everything right. I honestly felt like I was there and I was in love every step of our journey through Spain, across the desert, all the way to Egypt. Truly, there are not enough words to put together in the best sentences to accurately convey how much I loved this book. Unlike all of the other “Bookworm” posts I’ve shared, this is a novel. Still it hits on some important stuff we could all use in our daily walks! Happy Reading! ❤

The Gifts of Imperfection x Brene Brown

What I love about this book, The Gifts of Imperfection, is the perspective it takes on living a “wholehearted life”. The author,  Dr. Brene Brown, is a researcher who has studied things such as shame, fear, and vulnerability. That gives her a highly unique perspective on people and how we choose to live, especially as it relates to perfectionism! Using this unique perspective, Dr. Brown shares several points of wisdom (i call them) that teach us to let go of what we’re “supposed” to say, do, or be… and embrace who we are. Now, this doesn’t mean that she fails to encourage us to learn and grow; rather, she challenges us to do so in ways that we desire, that please us, and that don’t come as result of other people’s expectations of us! Happy Reading!

Boundaries x Drs. Cloud & Townsend

I honestly cannot say enough about this book. I’ve read it twice in three weeks, and some chapters even more. It has and will continue to change my life, forever. I don’t say this lightly. I’ve spent time reading this book for content, reading for understanding, and reading for healing. I have cried, I have laughed, but most of all, I have learned. It seems so simple, Boundaries. It isn’t a term unheard of or taboo; for me, however, it has been an all too cavalier practice. Boundaries, written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, has engaged me, cover to cover. It ignited a burning flame in me to take responsibility of who I am that I may truly be an adult, by action, or by lack thereof. If you want long-lasting, meaningful practices to intentionally govern your life, boundaries are a surefire way to start! Happy Reading! ❤