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HI :)

Well, I missed a whole year’s worth of activities… and let me tell you, 2015 was truly lived ‘in the moment’… tune in as I recap last year’s activities, and catch up with this one! Happy 2016… I missed you!

Merry Christmas!

Hi guys!!! Okay. So, I want to apologize, not for the things I have been doing, but for those I have not. I committed myself to writing here regularly, but for the past week and some change, I have not… But I will say that the time “off” has been nourishing. First and foremost, I was able to think, reflect, and write… A LOT! So I have tons to share. Possibly more valuably, however, I was truly able to live ‘In The Moment(s)’… I spent time with my church, hung out with several friends, celebrated some birthdays, babysat, danced, and celebrated Christmas with family… Including special experiential gifts with my two first loves! 👪 Living in the moment, for me, is not just about saying I’ve done something, but truly experiencing it. I have realized that I actually have to slow down to engage with the world around me. “What memory can I have of something if I never spend time with it?” I ask myself. I took my mother to Chicago on 12.26.14. The …


This week, I’ve had the privilege & pleasure of attending two basketball games! Yay! Shoutout to my brother (Hi Vince!) for the tickets to UMD’s game on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014. They won! Aaannnddddd Keisha for inviting me to see koBAE & TheWiz on Wednesday, December 3, 2014. That was a no lose situation. I’ll be more than rich, I’ll be wealthy with experience, by choice. Choose you, sometimes. Do something you love, love it, and be happy! ❤ Sammie ❤

Giving Thanks!

I was going to shy away from what my be perceived as cliché; I wasn’t going to write about thanksgiving. Then I changed my mind because there’s nothing cliché about giving thanks. I have countless things to be thankful for, but I want to dedicate this post to one special thing near and dear to my heart. Now, I’m an only child… But my mother has 10 siblings, my father 2. I have countless family, and on this day, I want to express how thankful I am to have so many of them, and especially to have been able to share today with them. Everyone wasn’t there, but my heart smile at every single one who was and the ones who weren’t able to share. There was a time we were more highly close knit, but the familial ties have seemingly been severed. In recent years, it seemed we came together more for the tragedies that occurred. There’s nothing wrong with coming together in those times, but what about when things are good? The featured …

Art Jamzzzz DC!

This isn’t current, it was almost a month ago, but it was fun nonetheless! And I was definitely living in the moment! Art Jamz DC offers a host of options for beginner to advanced artists in a fun, lively environment. I enjoyed every minute of it, from the wine (yum!) and artistry to the hilariously ratchet, but undeniably encouraging group of friends that created just behind me. Some would categorize me a creative; I love the arts, but as mentioned previously(on Instagram) “I don’t claim to be an amazing artist, but I am enamored with every stroke of a brush. It really is therapeutic… Great company is an incredible benefit, too. So today, I share this little bit of joy… It amazes me how being joyful truly encourages me to play a role in bringing the same [or an even greater] feeling to others.”