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Living Single x Tony Evans

OH! To speak of conviction! This book was just what I  needed.

25 & Single doesn’t have great appeal. It is often looked down upon, as evidenced by the “when are you going to get married?” and “Who’s your +1?” type of questions I hear all the time. I’ve found myself daydreaming about my future, faceless husband, and our “black*ish” kids playing frisbee in our apparently well-groomed, green fenced in backyard!… Ok, it’s never gone that far until just now… but let’s be real.

As a woman, there is pressure to become a wife, to be swept off your feet by a knight in shining Ferragamo cap toes, a Skinny Burberry Tie, and a tailored suit to match.

Maybe it’s completely different for a man; I mean, how do you “prove” your masculinity in a fallen world? I’ll leave you to answer that.

POINT IS, THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! It gives the CHRISTIAN perspective on singlehood, its advantages, and just how to do it the way God intends it to be done.

[Thanks to JNC for introducing me to this literature!]

Take a Gander, the back cover reads:

“Being single can be tough. Your left ring finger is empty, and yet another person has asked, “When are you going to get married?”

It’s natural to feel lonely or wonder about the future, but not knowing the future doesn’t mean you can’t be victorious today. The key is to go on the offensive and embrace the blessings that only single people can enjoy. Being single is a gifted season of your life, not a sentence to second-class citizenship in God’s kingdom.

He has much to teach those who are:

  • Decidedly Single- Maybe you’re dedicated to your profession, or enjoy travel – or both!
  • Never Married- Perhaps you’re just out of college or you’re in your 40s and you hope to find that special someone.
  • Divorced-Reentering the single world as a divorced person is difficult, but hopeful.
  • Separated- Being in a relationship can be as difficult as not having a relationship.
  • Widowed- You may have just lost your spouse and find living a single life is not what you expected.
  • Single Parent- Nearly 50% of children are born to single parents; you are not alone.

Living Single is more than just another book for singles. You’ll find biblical principles, pastoral exhortations, and lasting encouragement. Written from a personal and pastoral outlook, Dr. Tony Evans knows, loves, and speaks to single people. Celebrating your singleness means surrendering to where God has you now. Enjoy this season as you grow in grace and in your walk with the Lord.

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