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Can the son not just melt your leaves into
potpourri? Make the scent of your love last two
steps closer to forever.

Flowers are nice. But the 500 alarm
and 1800 hours return home
don’t afford me the 62 drips it takes to feed you,
and keep your petals erect.
Your needs and my time speak with different dialects.
They’d frame it lack of trying that in just days you’re dying
but I swear it ain’t neglect, so I’m asking.

Transform. ‘For a rose
by any other name still smells as sweet.’

I beg the scent of your love to last closer to
forever. Don’t deny the son’s rise.
May He melt your leaves into potpourri.

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Hi, I'm Samantha (Sammie). I could define myself by the work I do, in title, but I'd rather share the characteristics of the type of person I not just want, but strive, to be. I am growing every day, learning to love and Trust God more, and in turn, loving myself and others just the same. Simply put, I want to change the world. I will use this blog and every platform I am opportune to stand upon to encourage youth, peers, and older adults alike. I pray that God will give me the courage to share the words to make a difference. You have the power to be victorious! 1 John 4:8 ". . .God is love." 1 Corinthians 13 (Initial Blog Post)

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