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So, I went to see “Beyond the Lights” with my sister this weekend (Hey Bri!). LOVED IT! I’m a sap, clearly… but the movie tells a story far beyond love; don’t worry, I won’t tell the movie, though I do suggest you go see it!

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya

Why would I let my dreams stay fantasies? If I can do anything in the world, why would I ever stop learning, growing?… Routine. Complacency. Fear of failure.  When we are young, we are taught that it’s “best” to get good grades in school so that we can get accepted into a good college, where we’ll get good grades, and find a job that will pay us fairly well… We’ll try to move up the ladder, and people will call it “loyalty”, while we boast good job security. When, however, do we question what else the world has to offer, and what we have to offer it? I don’t just mean feeding the homeless during holidays and taking an annual vacation. How is it so easy to forget the big dreams we had as kids, before someone taught us tunnel vision? We begin our lives taught to think big, to imagine whatever we will, to create the perfect world… and that we can live in it… I mean… I wanted to be a lawyer, a writer, a teacher, and a dancer, all while embodying ‘travel noire’, and being a wife and mommy just like mine. Where was I taught that I could only do one, maybe two if I could get it approved by someone higher up? Why would a world full of opportunity close the minds of its inhabitants so that we stop dreaming big? We settle into routines that allow us to live comfortably, even if not happily… and I’ll say it a million times, happiness is a choice! God didn’t give us dreams and passions to lay by the wayside. He gave us purpose so that we might live abundant lives, filling the world with our gifts and joy. It is written, nowhere that matters, that we must find a single niche, and marry it until death do us part. So I ask you:

“Why you wanna fly, blackbird?”

If everything around you is telling you that you aren’t good enough, your dreams aren’t big enough… or worse, they’re too big… Why you wanna fly? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know that I am so afraid to fall, that I fail by default. No risk automatically eliminates the possibility of any reward. Instead, I take on the weight of someone else’s goals for me. I go through the motions to make someone else smile, smiling along the way, but dying inside, losing myself. If I’ve got my own set of wings, I dare not watch you ascend into the clouds anticipating your reappearance to hear your experience. (I’m happy for you, but…) I dare not harness myself to you as we take off in your direction. I had better open my eyes, spread my wings, and soar like only I can. There is no one (but God) who can save us, just as we cannot save others. We require support, a network of people who have our backs, but realizing our dreams and living in purpose is no one’s responsibility but our own. Close your eyes, jump, and admire the world around you! Love it, love others, but don’t forget to love yourself.

On “Beyond The Lights”: More than anything, I took away a message of being true to myself, of loving myself and striving only to achieve those things I desire (and that would please the Lord, of course-that’s my own addition). It challenges authority, looks beyond the glamour that sometimes blinds us, and reminds us of the innocence all children are born with. Furthermore, it teaches us to see ourselves, to believe in ourselves, and not to be afraid to please ourselves.      P.S. There is nothing cliche about love!

I always say that work feels a lot less like work when you’re doing something you love. Everyone doesn’t want to live the free-spirited lifestyle. We even claim, at times, that we don’t know what we want – if that’s the case, I suggest you pray and give it some thought; DON’T WASTE YOUR LIFE! If you don’t know what you want, the place to start is NOT where someone else wants you.

Spread your wings. & F L Y.

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Hi, I'm Samantha (Sammie). I could define myself by the work I do, in title, but I'd rather share the characteristics of the type of person I not just want, but strive, to be. I am growing every day, learning to love and Trust God more, and in turn, loving myself and others just the same. Simply put, I want to change the world. I will use this blog and every platform I am opportune to stand upon to encourage youth, peers, and older adults alike. I pray that God will give me the courage to share the words to make a difference. You have the power to be victorious! 1 John 4:8 ". . .God is love." 1 Corinthians 13 (Initial Blog Post)


  1. Sooooooo true. I saw the movie and agree, it was very good. I love the message behind the song blackbird and how at the end the “new” version of blackbird was sung. There’s a Very powerful in both of the songs that I feel everyone at some point in life can somewhat relate to.

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    • Absolutely! Gotta personalize takeaways, but there’s a lot to be taken. Great movie! The previews don’t begin to tell the story. Lol


  2. Tarnya S says

    Wow! Good morning Samantha! This blog is wonderful! It sure has blessed me, it brought tears to my eyes, it was if you wrote that just for me! I love what you are doing. Like one of your bloggers stated, you are an encourager….and so much more! Now this was an eye opener for me. A light bulb moment if you will… Keep being a blessing Hun! Love you!


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