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With the potential to drive greatness, or withhold it, perfectionism is often viewed as a neutral trait. I’m a perfectionist in many ways, I came to know it long ago, but never recognized how its manifestation limited me, until recently… And only at that point, did I take the plunge to conquer it.

On Saturday, November 8, 2014, my friend (hi Ashley!) told me, “You’re sitting on your gifts 😟.” I opted to be a spectator at an event hosted by her church, where participants share their gifts in praise|worship (great event, by the way!). She’d asked me to dance in advance, but I had time constraints that wouldn’t allow me to choreograph and practice as much as I would have liked, so I politely offered a tentative yes, which I knew would likely be a “not this time.” At the event I mentioned having written a piece I could share, but I had every excuse for why I shouldn’twouldn’t: “I haven’t finalized it yet” or “I haven’t practiced reciting it” or “I’ve never delivered a piece in spoken word”… The truth is, I was afraid. Will either of these things be good enough?

The same applies to this blog, countless ideas I’ve had in the past, and an almanacs worth scrolling in my head even now. Will it be good enough? Will they like it? The resounding answer whispering as I step through the doors of each new year has been “NO!”; so I’ve offered little of myself to the world. I asked myself as this week began, “who are you trying to please?”

We are creatures of connectivity; we flourish as we receive affirmation, affection and love in our lives. All that to say: YES, I want you to like this! But, whether you do or don’t won’t stop me from writing and sharing, in love. I’ve jumped in the ocean without vision of the nearest shore, and I trust God to work through me. And when doubt creeps into my shadow, I’ll ask: What’s good enough, and who are they, anyway?

What’s your take on perfectionism? Is it affecting you? Have you conquered it?

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Hi, I'm Samantha (Sammie). I could define myself by the work I do, in title, but I'd rather share the characteristics of the type of person I not just want, but strive, to be. I am growing every day, learning to love and Trust God more, and in turn, loving myself and others just the same. Simply put, I want to change the world. I will use this blog and every platform I am opportune to stand upon to encourage youth, peers, and older adults alike. I pray that God will give me the courage to share the words to make a difference. You have the power to be victorious! 1 John 4:8 ". . .God is love." 1 Corinthians 13 (Initial Blog Post)


  1. Ahh.. perfectionism! I can relate to everything you’ve shared. I, too, have buried talents and squandered opportunities because of not feeling “good enough.” Perfectionism can be a paralyzing thing. Just recently, I’ve decided to step out on a whole heap of faith to share my gift of writing with anyone who would listen. I created a blog as well. And while I can still be a bit obsessive – I made a rule: I will only edit 3 times, and then I MUST push the publish button lol.

    Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.


    • Thank You! It means more than you know. I don’t want to stop caring about presentation, but I want to be vulnerable sometimes, to be absolutely honest, and to share the individual grains of sand that mold and hold glass together for watching eyes. I need to adopt that 3 edits maximum strategy! Lol:)


  2. Ashley Q. says

    Hi Samantha! LOL

    I adore you for taking a leap of faith and starting this blog. It’s crazy because I was reading about “fear” and it talked about how Ester felt fear when she was asked to leave her familiar life so she could be used by God to save her nation. You know you have a strong voice, right?? Don’t be afraid to use it. I’ve always called you the “jack of all trades” because God has blessed you with SO many gifts and talents. You are an encourager, motivator, helper, and much, much more! Remember, God gave you your gift to help someone else!!

    I love you and I can’t wait to follow you on this journey 🙂


  3. Kevin Southall says

    Wow Samantha! I can relate so much to this blog! I am MORE than proud of you! And I love you!


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