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Well, I missed a whole year’s worth of activities… and let me tell you, 2015 was truly lived ‘in the moment’… tune in as I recap last year’s activities, and catch up with this one! Happy 2016… I missed you!


Twenty two years ago I already knew I’d run to you. Love. I didn’t know I’d be running from, too. Who keeps teaching us that we need relationships to accentuate our greatness? How are we to define ourselves when we are constantly looking for someone else to help conceptualize us? I’m not chasing, anymore, and yet shorty you keep swinging my way. When my hugs stared in your eyes and the vibrations of my chords grabbed your soul you didn’t know if we were music or noise. you asked me to show you but your lips dance all day. take your headphones off so you may see. chose the lavish. so we’re the latter. now. and grass don’t even grow there. My falsetto moonwalks at the tip of my tonsil when it grips the idea of you. You who asked me to teach you visual-kinesthetically but closed your ears to see me. Can you not feel the raspiness begging for clarity? I was stutter step chasing while you square danced around me. Now my falsetto can rest as …


When I wake every morning, I rise as one, at once. I look circumspectly in mirrors at pieces and then a whole. Rarely, if ever, does it cross my mind that I am a puzzle in myself. That I am holed. It is in those rarities, though, when reality strikes me bold. Life happens fast. I have been trained to see me holistically, to supposedly understand me, but… if you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found” I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror this morning. Chest up. Blind to what I often find as excess weight around my waist, I glanced only quickly. I didn’t stare at the dark spots that lie between my not so perfectly arched eyebrows. Running my right pointer finger along my brow to “tone it down,” I didn’t even notice the chipped polish that even pure acetone would not remove from my fingernails. My braids are overdue for removal, but I wasn’t overcome with temporary phenotypical obsession. Instead, I stared into tomorrow, and the …

Remember You’re A Genius x Greg E. Hill

This is what I call a pleasant surprise to find in the mail! 🙂 When Greg announced that he’d been writing a book, and then that he’d be pre-selling it etc., I jumped at the opportunity to support someone I know who’s following his dreams. To me, that is loving my neighbor. To me, that is how I encourage others to pursue purpose and walk in it, so there was no hesitation. It was a few months ago when I first learned of this endeavor, talked to Greg, and made a small investment in him. As such, life kept going and I honestly kind of forgot that the book should be ready and on its way anytime soon. Needless to say, when opening my mailbox, and finding Remember You’re a Genius to be embedded as the contents of one package, I was excited. This book is a pretty easy & short read. It’s a heart-felt, autobiographical approach to encouraging others to walk in purpose and believe in themselves. It is the passion behind the book that …

The Four Agreements x Don Miguel Ruiz

Another amazing read! You guys have no idea (actually, by now you might) how much I love books that place some significant journey at their nuclei. This book self-proclaims itself “A Toltec Wisdom Book”, and wisdom it offers indeed! In this book, I love the role of agreements. Further, I love how the pages speak volumes to our lives day-by-day. Don Miguel Ruiz has authored an easy read whose diction is very simplistic, though its composition could easily change the world, if reached and understood. Each of the four agreements seems equally simplistic; the principles, when written, don’t require much but effort to understand and uphold them. If you want to be free, and to actually understand what it means to choose and access that freedom; if you want to live the life you want to live, and love it, I recommend this book without question! Happy Reading! 🙂


If I could speak briefly about what life should be when I fathom, absolutely, having come into Union with you, I imagine my voice would shake, emitting resonance as follows: It wasn’t planned, how you and I met, not by me at least. I spent my whole life looking for you going in mistaken directions what felt like a million times. I even envisaged having met you when traveling said paths. I can recall how good they felt, too, but none would begin to compare to you. In hindsight, I knew they weren’t you; some felt like dead ends, early terminations… We aren’t even wholly acquainted as I still build upon all you’ve offered me, yet I finally feel complete. And beyond what I feel, I’ve never stopped stopping to think, since the day you were no more unbeknownst to me. The idea of you kept me going. The potential. The belief that there was more. For my development, you conceptualized major terms before we ever intersected. You encouraged me to pray more, that I might …

The Alchemist x Paulo Coehlo

Everything they’ve said is true!!!!! This book is purely amazing, start to finish! It is a tale of a boy who journeys through life trying to achieve his own “personal legend.” It is a story of perseverance and determination, with the aspect of love that can never be omitted in life’s greatest quests. Paolo Coehlo, in The Alchemist, literally does everything right. I honestly felt like I was there and I was in love every step of our journey through Spain, across the desert, all the way to Egypt. Truly, there are not enough words to put together in the best sentences to accurately convey how much I loved this book. Unlike all of the other “Bookworm” posts I’ve shared, this is a novel. Still it hits on some important stuff we could all use in our daily walks! Happy Reading! ❤


There’s a quote that reads, “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” I love that quote; it’s encouraging, not condemning. The more I read it though, the more I realize I don’t exactly agree with it. For me, it isn’t the mistakes that prove effort, it’s the acknowledgement, the conceptualization of whatever act as “mistake, and what’s more, it’s the conviction one feels after the f(act). To acknowledge something as a mistake is to admit wrongdoing, to hold oneself responsible for having committed the wrong, and to make conscious efforts to act differently in the future. Whether our mistakes are intentional or unintentional, and we will all make both, reconciling takes on the same process. It wasn’t until recently that I realized the need to reconcile with myself, I always thought  it had to be two or more involved for some sort of resolution. Well, I’ve found that in some ways, there are, even when I reconcile with myself… there’s the guilt-crazed one who made the mistake, the judgmental one who condemns me for having …

Emogical I

The Internal Have you ever had a friend vent to you about the SAME situation over and over again, until the point you listen without having anything to say. In the back of your mind, you’re screaming “you could do so much better if…”… But, knowing your words are for naught, you listen without hearing a word. Is that an emotional or logical response? One could argue either or both ways. Imagine if you did the same thing to yourself. Chances are: many of us have been there in some way or another. I can think of tons of examples, honestly. As a people pleaser, I’ve had far beyond my fair share of taking on the weight of the world… or the weight of my acquaintances in the world. The biggest ones for me, perhaps, surface in relationships, both romantic and non. With friends and some family, I have had the tendency to drop everything when someone asks me, never mind what I may be doing. The best part is when I actually had the …

Boundaries x Drs. Cloud & Townsend

I honestly cannot say enough about this book. I’ve read it twice in three weeks, and some chapters even more. It has and will continue to change my life, forever. I don’t say this lightly. I’ve spent time reading this book for content, reading for understanding, and reading for healing. I have cried, I have laughed, but most of all, I have learned. It seems so simple, Boundaries. It isn’t a term unheard of or taboo; for me, however, it has been an all too cavalier practice. Boundaries, written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, has engaged me, cover to cover. It ignited a burning flame in me to take responsibility of who I am that I may truly be an adult, by action, or by lack thereof. If you want long-lasting, meaningful practices to intentionally govern your life, boundaries are a surefire way to start! Happy Reading! ❤