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Fall: 1. to drop or descend under force of gravity, as to a LOWER place through LACK of support. become less or lower in degree, amount, quality, value, number, etc. to decline. succumb to attack succumb to temptation or sin, especially becoming unchaste to one’s innocence.   These are just four of numerous definitions that basically say the same thing, only one of which reads that a fall may be voluntary…. But let me be the first to say I ain’t tryna fall in love, no more. I did it before, have you? Tell me what’s good about falling? I mean, the fall itself typically hurts, half the time your knees hurt when you stand back up, everyone around laughs and you’re embarrassed after the fact… but most importantly is the lesson: you are extremely careful when faced with similar circumstances. I can’t tell you all that’s right in love, but i CAN tell you a lot about what it isn’t, and my experience with such. Have you ever been infatuated with something or someone …


This week, I’ve had the privilege & pleasure of attending two basketball games! Yay! Shoutout to my brother (Hi Vince!) for the tickets to UMD’s game on Sunday, Nov. 30, 2014. They won! Aaannnddddd Keisha for inviting me to see koBAE & TheWiz on Wednesday, December 3, 2014. That was a no lose situation. I’ll be more than rich, I’ll be wealthy with experience, by choice. Choose you, sometimes. Do something you love, love it, and be happy! ❤ Sammie ❤