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1. to drop or descend under force of gravity, as to a LOWER place through LACK of support. become less or lower in degree, amount, quality, value, number, etc. to decline. succumb to attack succumb to temptation or sin, especially becoming unchaste to one’s innocence.

These are just four of numerous definitions that basically say the same thing, only one of which reads that a fall may be voluntary…. But let me be the first to say I ain’t tryna fall in love, no more. I did it before, have you? Tell me what’s good about falling? I mean, the fall itself typically hurts, half the time your knees hurt when you stand back up, everyone around laughs and you’re embarrassed after the fact… but most importantly is the lesson: you are extremely careful when faced with similar circumstances.

I can’t tell you all that’s right in love, but i CAN tell you a lot about what it isn’t, and my experience with such.

Have you ever been infatuated with something or someone so much that you engulfed yourself in it/them?… That EVERYTHING else took a back seat, even you? I have, and I came to believe that behavior was love, as verb. Have you ever looked back on such a situation and truly evaluated it? VERB was a proper adjective, but it wasn’t describing love in my life. My definition of love changed probably every day. In the beginning, it was the friendship, that’s why I loved… somewhere way too soon (because I’ve learned and accept now that any time before marriage is) it was also equivalent, no, too relative to sex … and then it was the experience that came along with it… laughing at different things and sharing our opinions…

  • but then we had to agree on everything, because autonomy and love couldn’t coexist… that was probably my fault, because when someone cheats on you, you l o s e respect for his|her behavior when it gains acquaintance with autonomy. But then you forgive because people make mistakes, and forgiveness obviously means you pretend it never happened and can’t expect change -EVERYONE KNOWS THAT. But then they cheats again, and again, and s|he be[lie]ve[s]. Actually, s|he doesn’t –

But that verb. So now love means acceptance, because if you didn’t nag about the past, these things wouldn’t happen to you. And so you know it’s all wrong, but you believe in the first date, not reality, and you believe that because you’ve given everything there was to give,

  • [because the gift exchanges made “love” more bearable too] –

money, clothes, all your time, AND ALL THAT WAS PURE ABOUT YOU, you don’t deserve anything better. Have you ever? Have you ever looked back on such a situation and truly evaluated it? Have you recognized that your definition of love had fallen from it’s intent, as God shows it with

                                                         SACRIFICE |&| BEAUTY

                                                                                                          juxtaposed in perfect harmony

unchaste. . .

I can tell you everything it ain’t. I can also tell you a little about what love’s supposed to be.

If God IS love, then shouldn’t it be unconditional? And more than anything, shouldn’t he lie in between, above and all around it?

[There’s something that taught us that falling in love was romantic… but if I can be honest,

I just want to walk into loves arm, read to it and have it read to me, look it in its eyes and see God’s plan for me and love, in reality. And when it holds my hand, they shall mold one in another, forever, never to let go of its own or my dreams, passion, or individuality, because together, we encourage one another, inspire higher, and choose to love as the Lord has commanded us: me & love.]

So if love’s a verb, is its definition to be static? Is it the word that’s a verb, or the expression of it? I can’t tell you everything it is… but I can tell you that your actions must show love, even if they aren’t always enabling or supporting something. Love, too, is a choice. So, when it matters – you know, when you and someone else have decided to love each other in the covenant of marriage, for a lifetime – you won’t agree on everything, you may be very angry, you will make mistakes, but you have to choose to love, in spite of. And as for me, I’ll try not falling into anything, though if I do, I trust that love will catch me, and pick us up again. I will wake grab love’s hand; I will encourage and support his dreams; I will be an ear to listen, a heart to love, and a mouth to speak when necessary. After I’ve smiled as love enters our home each night, I will walk into loves arms, I’ll tell love something special, I’ll ask how things had gone that day, and I’ll bask in all that makes us different, because a million of the exact same puzzle pieces makes for one dull picture. And as love and I lay, we shall never forget to pray. I’m more than sure that each of our next days will prosper this way.

Romans 8:37-39; 1 Corinthians 13; tons! lol